Corporate Training: Long-Haul Procurements – Keeping the Faith and Staying Engaged

Recorded On: 05/29/2019

You’re in the hunt and have your eyes set on an exciting project.  You’ve done your homework, you have your strategy, you’ve made the right connections and relationships are in place. And now you wait… The project is still two years out.  How do you survive these long-haul procurements?  How to you stay engaged and keep your team and partners moving forward?

During this workshop, we will discuss the capture planning process and how to implement a winning strategy that is action oriented and keeps the team disciplined and actively working a pursuit.

Dena Wyatt

Long-Haul Procurements – Keeping the Faith and Staying Engaged

DENA WYATT has played an integral part in helping individuals and teams improve their communication skills.  A former Dale Carnegie instructor and trainer and founder of Marketing Evolutions, Dena brings more than 25 years of experience in the construction industry and helping others to BE their best.

Her techniques and strategies have re-written the rule-book when it comes to presentation training, public speaking, and related insider perception surveys and continue to win projects for her clients.  At the end of the day, Dena empowers her clients to achieve their objectives and master the skills they need to WIN!

In addition to having endless enthusiasm to help people with project pursuits and feeling more comfortable speaking in public, Dena participates in charity bike rides and makes active industry connections in the Better Networking Through Skiing (BNTS) group she co-founded.

Her book BE…The Winning Presentation is available through Amazon and on her website.

You can reach Dena at 303-424-9462 or


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