CPSM Online Assessment Exam

SMPS headquarters is currently updating the CPSM Online Assessment Exam. The updated version of the CPSM Online Assessment Exam will better align with the concepts and principles found in the SMPS Domains of Practice for Professional Services Marketers and MARKENDIUM: The Essentials. Please contact Kevin Doyle at 703.684.2271 or kevin@smps.org if you have any questions. Thank you

Take the CPSM Online Assessment Exam to help:
• identify the CPSM examination content areas you need to study
• become familiar with the style and type of questions found on the CPSM examination

Online Assessment Exam Details

The CPSM Online Assessment Exam, like the actual CPSM examination, is focused on the SMPS Domains of Practice for professional services marketing and business development.

Exam Content

The CPSM assessment exam consists of 75 questions, compared with the actual CPSM exam's 150 questions. The exams have the same percentage of questions from each content area:

Marketing Research (13%)
Marketing Planning (18%)
Client and Business Development (20%)
Proposals (18%)
Promotional Activity (13%)
Management (18%)

Time Limit

Ninety (90) minutes should be allotted to complete the CPSM Online Assessment Exam. This time limit is proportional to the time allotted for the actual CPSM examination. Set aside enough time to finish the assessment exam in one sitting because you must finish the actual CPSM examination within the 180 minute time limit.