Hensel Phelps Project Development Training Program – by SMPS

Knowledge Kits

  • Planning and Research Kit

    Spotting market trends can help you position your firm for future work. Market research and planning can help you determine the work that’s out there and whether your current markets are viable. In this webinar, you’ll learn about various research tools that will help you implement a successful marketing plan as well as the strategic planning process that comes before it.

  • Marketing Kit

    Improve your core marketing functions that lead to your firm’s success. In this marketing webinar, you’ll about email marketing, how to budget and track your ROI, editing basics that will result in winning RFPs, and how to market your firm on a limited budget.

  • Business Development Kit

    Are you new to business development and looking to stay ahead of the competition in today’s challenging economic environment? Designed for business development beginners, this webinar will help lay a foundation for building a successful BD program for your firm, elevate your skills as a business developer, and effectively build long-term client relationships.

  • Seller-Doer Kit

    Nowadays, more technical professionals are involved with client and business development than ever before. With this webinar, you’ll discover how to enhance your BD skills in the seller-doer model that’s common in many professional services firms.

  • Proposal Kit

    Planning, managing, and writing proposals are some of the most important marketing activities professional services firms need to undertake to win work. With this kit, you’ll learn more about proposal essentials, secrets to proposal success, differentiation, and how to win a pitch.


  • MARKENDIUM LABS Online Course


    MARKENDIUM Labs deliver timely, reliable marketing and business development information through interactive, self- paced modules that include downloadable tools, knowledge checks and simulations. Each module is only 25 minutes long. These affordable courses augment SMPS's face- to face programs and conferences with on- demand availability. View our demo to learn more!


  • Trendspotting & Its Role in Strategy

    Includes a Live Event on 01/30/2019 at 3:00 PM (EST)

    Environmental scanning and trendspotting are important for any firm to be successful. Tools such as STEEP analysis allow us to evaluate external factors that can affect our companies. This program will explain environmental scanning through all stages: research, trend identification, data collection, interpretation, prioritization, and communication. Additionally, you will gain insight on identifying market trends and best practices on relaying the information to your company through tools such as STEEP analysis.

  • Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan: A One-Page Magic Bullet

    Whether you’re just getting involved in the marketing planning process or you need some helpful tips to refresh your current strategy, this webinar is for you. Join us for an in-depth look into the strategic marketing planning process and how you can set your company up for success!

  • Professional Association Engagement That Produces Work

    Most A/E/C firms’ engagement with professional associates shotgun their approach. They buy advertising, sponsor conferences, and occupy an exhibition booth. Most A/E/C firms walk away wondering about their return on investment (ROI). Did their participation produce actual work? This webinar presentation will take a deeper dive into how A/E/C firms can leverage professional association membership and participation to win work.

  • Developing Your Unique and Competitive Image

    This session is not about branding – a marketing term that makes most technical experts cringe. Instead, you will learn how to develop a competitive image as unique as the people who work there. (OK, so it’s a little about branding.)

  • Proposal Automation: What It Means and How To Get Started

    Gathering crucial data points when putting together your proposals can be a time bandit. The data-gathering process can make or break your sanity, creativity, and success unless you have a tool or method of organizing your firm’s portfolio. If you’re struggling to get your CRM or content database working for you so you can make better proposals, this learning lab is for you.



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