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  • MARKENDIUM LABS Online Course


    MARKENDIUM Labs deliver timely, reliable marketing and business development information through interactive, self- paced modules that include downloadable tools, knowledge checks and simulations. Each module is only 25 minutes long. These affordable courses augment SMPS's face- to face programs and conferences with on- demand availability. View our demo to learn more!


  • Corporate Training: Long-Haul Procurements – Keeping the Faith and Staying Engaged

    During this workshop, we will discuss the capture planning process and how to implement a winning strategy that is action oriented and keeps the team disciplined and actively working a pursuit.

  • Corporate Training: Narrowing In On High Return Marketing Activities

    In today’s economic environment, competition for every project is greater than ever. Marketing departments are working in overdrive to chase projects, prepare submittals, design marketing collateral, document and photograph projects, and now incorporate social media outreach. The list is seemingly never-ending. Which of your marketing activities nets the best potential for increased revenue? How can you be most effective with your overhead dollars? This session will address today’s current trends and help you focus efforts that add value.

  • Corporate Training: Aligning Marketing and Business Development Efforts That Position Your Firm To Win

    Do you sometimes feel like your marketing team is operating in a vacuum? Don’t feel alone, only slightly over half of professional service firms say that their marketing and business development groups coordinate efforts. For both to be successful, business development and marketing must go hand-in-hand. A lack of integration can result in redundancies, waste and lost opportunities. Without a strategy, all your marketing and business development activities and tactics might be for nothing. Success starts with alignment - heading in the same direction toward focusing on promising prospects, closing deals, and generating revenue. But, it has to go beyond alignment to collaboration and integration. We achieve this with a jointly developed strategy to connect with, engage, and convert prospects to clients to raving fans by working together throughout the buying cycle and client experience. This webinar will take you through strategies to ensure that you are aligning your marketing and business development efforts that position your firm to win.

  • Corporate Training: Trendspotting & Its Role in Strategy

    Environmental scanning and trendspotting are important for any firm to be successful. Tools such as STEEP analysis allow us to evaluate external factors that can affect our companies. This program will explain environmental scanning through all stages: research, trend identification, data collection, interpretation, prioritization, and communication. Additionally, you will gain insight on identifying market trends and best practices on relaying the information to your company through tools such as STEEP analysis.

  • Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan: A One-Page Magic Bullet

    Whether you’re just getting involved in the marketing planning process or you need some helpful tips to refresh your current strategy, this webinar is for you. Join us for an in-depth look into the strategic marketing planning process and how you can set your company up for success!



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