Hensel Phelps Project Development Training Program – by SMPS


  • Is your marketing team constantly in reactionary mode? Are you climbing backwards uphill on every marketing campaign and proposal pursuit? Do you (and your team) feel you could get better results? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it’s time for a marketing audit. Whether performed by staff or a consultant, a marketing audit should never be scary. It’s a great opportunity to examine what is and isn’t working for your brand and your staff. —And, if done right, a marketing audit can help lead to firm growth.

  • The A/E/C industries have experienced a robust and unparalleled uptick as the economy continues to heal from the pandemic. As we look ahead to 2022, we expect the momentum of opportunities to continue to build. And as marketers and business developers, the need to design a strategy in preparation for this influx is more crucial than ever. Knowing where we are and where we’re headed allows us to align our efforts with our companies’ goals and objectives.

  • This isn’t a general “attend a networking event and send a thank-you email” kind of session. It’s a how-to guide for developing a strategic plan—starting with firmly identifying your core competence in alignment with your company’s vision, mission and strategy to setting aligned marketing goals, defining target markets and clients, and using that research to increase client hit rates. Our presenter will also share real-life examples in today’s markets to help guide you as you navigate changing environments and what to expect as a result.

  • Learning how to effectively set, manage and communicate priorities is often the difference between satisfying our internal clients and being set up to fail. During this webinar, our presenter teaches basic priority setting and communication about marketing workflow. You’ll discover a variety of tools that can help marketing departments and marketing managers juggle tasks appropriately and make sure the important doesn't get lost in the urgent.

  • During this A/E/Course, our presenters will share their techniques and best practices honed through over 30 years of hands-on experience. They will take you through the entire process of finding, developing, and growing new business, applying lessons learned and practical applications. This three-part program is ideal for anyone within the A/E/C industries tasked with growing business through new outreach and/or increased business with existing clients.

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