AMPLIFY A|E|C Digital 2023 offers self- paced learning with more 10 hours of education with topics that range from Mental Health Risks in the A/E/C industry to Embracing a Digital- First World.

Amplify A|E|C Keynote: Unlocking the Potential of LinkedIn| Richard van der Blom

Build Better Business Development Processes with CRM | Megan R. Miller, CPSM | Sponsored by Deltek

Common Pitfalls in Proposal Writing & How to Avoid Them | Rachelle Ray | Sponsored by OpenAsset

Detour Ahead: How to Start—and Stay—Organized on Your Next Proposal | Jen McGovern, CPSM,

Market Research: Fall Planning Season | Sarah Kinard

Our Brand Journey | Brandon Norton | Susan Storm | Sponsored by Knowledge Architecture

“Own the Room” – How to position yourself as an executive | Jenny Fernandez, MBA

Professional Services Marketing Through a DEI Lens | Asheya Warren, FSMPS, CPSM,

Refresh Your Feed: The Ultimate Digital Toolkit | Meagan Camp

The Big Brand Rethink: Brand as Your Firm’s Operating System | Ida Cheinman

Unleashing Growth with Tech-Driven Strategic Marketing | Cole McIsaac | Neil Holmes | Sponsored by aec360 by HSO

What are the Best Marketing Metrics to Boost Your Win Rates? | Christina Leahy, CPSM | Sponsored by Unanet

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