Amplify A|E|C Digital (2022)

Amplify A|E|C Digital (2022)

The Industry’s Premier Marketing, Business Development & Leadership Experience- in digital.

This self- paced learning includes more that 10 hours of education with topics that range from Mental Health Risks in the A/E/C industry to Embracing a Digital- First World.

Topics include:

- The Future Is Now & It’s Online (Ida Cheinman

- Moving Beyond Covid: Home, Work, Life, and Balance (Kevin Coleman

- Embracing a Digital First World With Digital First Marketing and BD (Tim Asimos

- Experience Management: Transforming Corporate Culture & Systems (Christina Beaird  

- Automate Spreadsheet Content to create InDesign (Julie Shaffer

- Marketing Audit (Pamela Conine

- Evolving, Understanding & Uncovering Key Trends in Business Development Tools (Dianne Lee & David Ackert)

- Understanding Profitability in Business Development (Laurie Lumish & Maury Ballif

- The Roadmap to Crisis Communication – Externally & Internally (Pamela Monastra)

- Walking the Walk – Building a Socially Just Brand (Laura Ewan, Abigail Brown, Yiselle Santos Rivera, David Shove-Brown

- Amplifying Your Ideas to Create Impact – Strength Finders (Being Strategic with How You Strategize) (Fawn Radmanich

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Welcome to Amplify A|E|C Digital
Amplifying Your Ideas to Create Impact: Strength Finders - (Being Strategic with how you Strategize)
Everyone is strategic. We all have different degrees of strategic thinking that come naturally to us. Our strategic thinking strengths are unique to who we are as individuals – some of us are strategic in business, relationships, time management, etc. With immense pressure in the AEC industry for firms to differentiate from their competitors, there is a growing need for strategic thinkers who can help market the unique aspects that set our firms apart. Individuals who demonstrate competence and talent in both leading and thinking strategically have an advantage when it comes to owning their careers as well as leading their organizations. Amplify your impact by learning about your unique strategic capabilities and how they can pair with others’ to create highly effective cross functional teams. Participation in this session will help you to convert your innate strategic thinking talents to provide unique sustainable value for yourself and your firm. Learning Objectives: Participants will walk away knowing that everyone is strategic in different ways and be able to identify opportunity for strategic alliances with others Participants will understand and be able to articulate their unique strengths and strategic opportunities Participants will learn the difference between strategy and thinking strategically, elevating their ability to lead and deliver value in their day-to-day lives Participants will be equipped with techniques and tools to exponentially increase their individual contributions, as well as their team’s contributions, to their organizations Presenter: Fawn Radmanich, FSMPS, CPSM You must register to access.
Embracing a Digital-First World with Digital-First Marketing and Business Development
Studies show the average person now spends more than half of their waking life on digital channels and immersed in technology. The implication for marketers is clear – there really is no longer such a thing as digital marketing. It’s just marketing in a digital world. This session is designed to help marketers and business developers understand the implications of digital acceleration and how firms should respond. We’ll outline some of the disruptive trends that are impacting every industry, and then explore how your firm can make the shift to a truly digital-first and digital-centric philosophy, while still leveraging traditional and offline tactics. Attendees will walk away with a roadmap to embrace a more digital future. Learning Objectives: Attendees will explore the societal and technological trends shaping a digital-first future Attendees will identify the roadmap for digital acceleration in their firms’ marketing and business development Attendees will understand the role that traditional and offline tactics should play moving forward Presenter: Tim Asimos, CPSM Partner & Director of Digital + Growth circle S studio You must register to access.
Evolving, Understanding and Uncovering Key Trends in Business Development Tools
Presenters: Dianne Lee Executive Director Kitchell Davide Ackert, M.A. President Ackert Inc. You must register to access.
Experience Management: Transforming Corporate Culture & Systems
You want to improve your customer experience. You need better content that connects with your audience. You need every customer touchpoint to make a difference. Everything you try only goes so far. Why? You’re missing the XM3. Learn how our team of three, broke through the barriers and found the right formula to deliver an exceptional customer experience. Learning Objectives: Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of how a functioning relationship between marketing, client relations, and human resources can positively impact client experience. Attendees will take away best practices and ideas with the ability for same day implementation and goals for implementation over a set period of time. Attendees will be able to discuss how using an XM3 approach can positively impact Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Presenters: Christina Beaird, CPSM, LEED Green Associate Head of Marketing Professional Engineering Consultants Carol Fortune, MSL, SHRM-SCP Head of Human Resources PEC Client Relations Manager PEC You must register to access.
Marketing Audit
Is your marketing team constantly in reactionary mode? Are you climbing backwards uphill on every marketing campaign and proposal pursuit? Does everything just seem so hard? Does everyone else think they “know” how your firm is viewed by others? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then it’s time for a marketing audit. Whether performed by internal staff or a consultant, a marketing audit should never be scary. This is your chance to examine what is and is not working for your brand, your staff, and your firm’s growth. Are you ready to see the view from the top of the mountain? Lace up those hiking boots and discover the motivation to begin your marketing audit journey. During this session, we will explore: • The elements of a marketing audit • The benefits of a marketing audit for AEC firms • Where to begin your marketing audit • How to turn your marketing audit into a valuable tool for the entire firm • Helpful tips and tricks to make your marketing audit awesome Learning Objectives: How to turn your marketing audit into a valuable tool for the entire firm. The benefits and elements of a marketing audit for AEC firms. Where to begin your marketing audit and helpful tips and tricks to make your marketing audit awesome. Presenter: Pamela Conine, CPSM Senior Marketing Consultant Shaffer Creative You must register to access.
Moving Beyond - Home, Work, Life, and Balance
As a leader and we are all leaders, how are you navigating through Home, Work, and Life challenges? How are you finding the Balance you need? In the interactive training, Moving Beyond COVID: Home, Work Life, and Balance you will understand the leadership attributes needed to navigate through each segment of your life and career in an inspiring way. Learning Points: • Understand the seven (7) critical attributes needed to Move Beyond COVID • Discover the inspiring characteristics needed to maximize every opportunity for personal and professional Growth • Unlock the Key to achieving Balance you need for Home, Work, and Life • Develop a strategy for a Growth Plan that will lead to your true "SuperPower!" • Answer thought provoking questions in an interactive environment that will add great value to your thinking and outlook on your future! Learning Objectives: Discover the inspiring characteristics needed to maximize every opportunity for personal and professional Growth. Understand the seven (7) critical attributes needed to Move Beyond COVID, Answer thought provoking questions in an interactive environment that will add great value to your thinking and outlook on your future! Presenter: Kevin M. Coleman Empowerment Coach, Trainer, and Speaker KMC EMPOWERMENT LLC You must register to access.
The Future Is Now and It’s Online
The influence of digital on all things marketing and business development has forever changed – and will continue to shape – how AEC firms approach marketing and develop business relationships. Two years ago, switching in-person interactions to video conferencing was a big win. Today, simply being able to interact with prospects and clients online is no longer enough. As business customers demand more control over how they decide what, when, and from whom to buy, hybrid processes and approaches are a must. Recent McKinsey research found 70% to 80% of B2B decision makers now prefer digital self-serve and remote engagement over face-to-face interactions and they don’t plan to change their habits post-pandemic. Although this trend takes away one of the principal tools for how many AEC firms build business and maintain client relationships – in-person interactions – for smaller business development teams that can’t physically be everywhere, this could help level a playing field in the long run. This session will share 5 top strategies for marketing and business relationship development that your firm has to master in order to succeed today and in the new remote and digital environment. Learning Objectives: Attendees will learn how to create engaging, differentiating and relevant digital experiences that deliver value to prospects and clients, building relationships and winning business in the new, digital environment. Attendees will learn how to optimize their firm’s top marketing channels for how today’s AEC customers prefer to engage, connect and do business. Attendees will understand how to utilize technology to create more human, connected experiences and create a greater competitive advantage for their firms. Presenter: Ida Cheinman Principal / Creative Director Substance151, Benefit LLC You must register to access.
The Roadmap to Crisis and Reputation Management – Preparedness, Response & De-Escalation
Crisis and reputation management starts with a comprehensive preparedness plan, protocols, and policies for responding and diligence toward de-escalation. And that’s just the beginning. Working with leadership to understand your enterprise risks broadens the scope of what we traditionally considered a crisis. Consider your stakeholder engagement, involvement, and commitment to the plan. When all eyes are on you, your organization and its leadership now is not the time to hesitate, wait it out or go silent. Learning Objectives: Lead with confidence, influence, and poise in the face of the most challenging times. Don’t go it alone – Crisis & Reputation management is a team effort Be the champion - Build an escalation framework, navigate its complexities, and mitigate your organizations exposure Presenter: Pamela Monastra You must register to access.
Turn Data Into Design - Learn to Automate Spreadsheet Content to Create InDesign SOQ/Proposal Pages
So, you manage marketing data in a spreadsheet, and now you need to turn it into something extraordinary in InDesign. Something graphically appealing and compelling. Something that's not a table. This hands-on intermediate/advanced InDesign session will look at the fan-favorite magical automation tool—the Data Merge panel—to build pursuit components. Data Merge allows you to drag fields into your document—with styles!—and merge content to a series of grouped frames, pages, etc. If you can store it in a spreadsheet cell, you can use data merge to create styled documents. You can even use Data Merge to find and place images. What?! Does this solution help develop org charts with images? Or project description pages? Team resumes? Charts? In a word, Yes! Learning Objectives: Marketers will learn how spreadsheet data can be optimized for use in InDesign. InDesign users will learn how to use the Data Merge panel to create SOQ/Proposal components. Users will learn how to create InDesign resumes, projects sheets, org charts, and other pages from .csv files, even photos! Presenter: Julie E. Shaffer, CPSM Owner | Consultant | Designer Shaffer Creative, LLC You must register to access.
Understanding Profitability in Business Development
A look at how a growing 220-person firm began to track marketing ROI and discuss business development costs in a new way. Inspired by the hiring of a new CFO, Degenkolb Engineers started down the path of setting up systems and processes to track proposal costs and time spent on marketing and business development tasks. The presentation will be specific – we’ll tell you where we began, where we are today, and where we want to be. We’ll reveal the specifics of our processes, right down to the Vision codes! We’ll even discuss our training and communications program around the changes. Any firm looking for where to begin and the steps to take to get started will find this session invaluable. Presenters: Laurie Lumish, CPSM Maury Ballif You must register to access.
Walking the Walk: Building a Socially Just Brand
The year 2020 challenged all of us to reassess our values and how they show up in how we live our daily lives. The corporate world was not immune, with companies of all shapes and sizes taking a critical look at the delta between who they are and who they say they are to find meaningful ways to close the gap. As marketers and firm leaders, we’re in a unique position to effect change and ensure the actions behind our words have impact. But where do we start? And what’s the best way to set significant goals and measure progress over time? This panel brings together firm leaders from small, large, and extra-large firms to discuss their journey to a more socially just brand. We’ll explore three independent transparency labels – ILFI’s Just Label, B Corps Certification, and UN Global Compact – and the challenges and benefits of investing in each program. Join us to learn how making a commitment to becoming a more socially just firm can strengthen your culture, expand your impact on your community, and bring your brand to life. Learning Objectives: Attendees will learn about three independent transparency labels firms can participate in to measure corporate social responsibility. Attendees will identify how participation in these programs can help them live their brand through translating core values into measurable actions and outcomes. Attendees will understand the resources, effort, and stakeholders required to participate in these programs, and the potential return on investment for your business and culture. Panelists: Laura Ewan, CPSM Senior Associate, Director of Marketing + Communications Hickok Cole Abigail Brown, AIA, LEED AP BD+C Architect Gensler Yiselle Santos Rivera, AIA, NOMA, LSSYB, LEED AP BD+C, WELL AP Director of Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, Vice President HKS David Shove-Brown, AIA, NCARB Partner Studio3877 You must register to access.
MAX- Mental Health Risks in the AEC Industry
MAX Talk- Mental Health Risks in the A/E/C Industry (Kabri Lehrman Schmid) The Architectural, Engineering and Construction industries share similarities in how their production-focused work can be managed to positive or negative outcomes. Coupled with the consequences of historic cultural biases and stigmas, these industries are affected by risk factors that have resulted in a mental health crisis. Supporting our people requires a shift in the focus of our long-standing management strategies. This effort will not only save lives but is essential to attract the next generation of workers. Learning Objective: Learn How to Address Mental Health Within Your Field and How To Help Presenter: Kabri Lehrman Schmid (she/her) Hensel Phelps Construction Co You must register to access.
MAX- Amplifying Your Influence: Our Customers, Our Business and Race
Mel Gravely is the CEO of a commercial construction business and he wants to talk to you about race. How race is played out in our communities, with our customers and in our business. Mel’s approach to this challenging topic is forthright yet collegial, thought-provoking and at the same time inspiring. Learning Objectives: Help answer, what is really going on with race in our country Help answer, why we must care about it Help answer, what we can do about race together You must register to access.
MAX- Leading with Laughter
Humor enhances perceived leadership skills, builds credibility, increases employee engagement, and decreases absenteeism. Despite all of this, humor is still a leadership quality many consider as an afterthought. If you loved the “Leading with Laughter” MAXTalk and want a deeper dive into how to use humor more effectively, then this is the workshop for you! Using a combination of proven strategies from positive psychology, neuroscience, and improv & stand-up comedy, you’ll get the opportunity to cultivate humor on the spot. You will learn how to find the funny in everyday situations, and use comedy writing techniques to quickly create humor for marketing or presentations. You’ll also learn and experience techniques to use humor to decrease your own stress, boost team engagement, and enhance communication. Learning Objectives: Identify at least 5 benefits to incorporating more humor into your leadership practice Describe a six step model for using humor in leadership Identify ways to enhance your own sense of humor to boost productivity List at least 10 ways to have more fun at work Presenter: Paul Osincup You must register to access.