Amplify A|E|C Digital (2023)

Amplify A|E|C Digital (2023)

Amplify A|E|C Digital is the industry’s premier virtual marketing, business development, and leadership experience. 

With more than 10 hours of on-demand programming, you’ll strengthen your skills—and amplify your knowledge. You can earn up to 10 CEUs by participating in the Amplify A|E|C Digital program and up to 29 CEUs if you participate in both in person and digital.  

Here’s a sample of what’s included:

  1. Build Better Business Development Processes with CRM | Megan R. Miller, CPSM | Sponsored by Deltek
  2. Common Pitfalls in Proposal Writing & How to Avoid Them | Rachelle Ray | Sponsored by OpenAsset
  3. Detour Ahead: How to Start—and Stay—Organized on Your Next Proposal | Jen McGovern, CPSM,
  4. Market Research: Fall Planning Season | Sarah Kinard
  5. Our Brand Journey | Brandon Norton | Susan Strom | Sponsored by Knowledge Architecture
  6. “Own the Room” – How to position yourself as an executive | Jenny Fernandez, MBA
  7. Professional Services Marketing Through a DEI Lens | Asheya Warren, FSMPS, CPSM
  8. Refresh Your Feed: The Ultimate Digital Toolkit | Meagan Camp
  9. The Big Brand Rethink: Brand as Your Firm’s Operating System | Ida Cheinman
  10. Unleashing Growth with Tech-Driven Strategic Marketing | Cole McIsaac | Neil Holmes | Sponsored by aec360 by HSO
  11. What are the Best Marketing Metrics to Boost Your Win Rates? | Christina Gilson Leahy, CPSM | Sponsored by Unanet
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Welcome to Amplify A|E|C Digital
Detour Ahead: How to Start—and Stay—Organized on Your Next Proposal
Benjamin Franklin famously said, “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned”—wouldn’t you like to get a few extra hours for your next proposal? In this presentation, we’ll discuss how to get and stay organized throughout a proposal. Presenter Jen McGovern, CPSM, will share best practices learned from delivering hundreds of proposals on time, despite the best efforts of a variety of “detours.” From developing a strong outline to keeping the entire proposal team on track to making time for proposal closeout, we’ll talk about the many ways proposal can get off schedule—and how you can stay or get back on schedule. Attendees will leave the program with tools to identify detours before they derail the proposal and will feel prepared to successfully lead their next proposal effort. Jen McGovern, CPSM, Mid-Atlantic Regional Marketing Manager, VHB With extensive editing, writing, and marketing experience, she fell into the A/E/C industries in 2012 and found a passion for proposals and infrastructure projects. Jen was recognized last year as the 2022 Chapter President of the Year and also serves on the Editorial Committee for SMPS Marketer magazine. She achieved her CPSM certification in 2015. You must register to access.
The Big Brand Rethink: Brand as Your Firm’s Operating System
Innovation, disruption, hyper-competitive red oceans, the emergence of marketing technologies, shifting demographics, rising customer expectations, and more have forced AEC firms to rethink what it takes to compete and win business. Yet, not much has changed in the way most firms think about their brands – static collections of images, messages and marketing assets. It’s time to join today’s leading companies that redefined the role of the brand, propelling massive change and growth – inside and out. What makes these companies different? They understand that a brand is not what you say but what you do. They see the brand as everyone’s responsibility, not just the job of the marketing department. In short, they see the brand not as a marketing asset but as an operating system. Brand as an operating system galvanizes people and superpowers talent recruitment, employee engagement, customer experience, innovation, and more. This program is designed to provide attendees with an actionable framework for developing a cohesive set of beliefs and principles that align business strategy and systems, people and processes, purpose and performance, brand and culture, and create a sustained competitive advantage for their firms. Ida Cheinman is principal and creative director of the brand strategy, design and digital firm Substance151. Using her 20+ years of experience as a brand strategist, designer, marketer, and educator she helps business leaders and marketing professionals make sense of trends, tools, and next practices in order to position their firms to win in the 21st century’s fast-changing and extremely competitive marketplace. At Substance151, Ida leads a multidisciplinary team of creative strategists and strategic creatives in all steps of the branding process – from research and strategy through design, across print and digital, and covering all aspects of marketing communications. Ida is a sought-after speaker who is knowledgeable, energetic and excels at making complex information accessible and immediately applicable. She is a frequent contributor to industry webinars, blogs, podcasts and publications. LinkedIn: Blog: You must register to access.
Market Research: Fall Planning Season
Every fall, our firms step back, reflect on the last year, and make plans for the year ahead. Goals are set, campaign ideas are crafted, investments are identified, and the pumpkin spice lattes fuel it all. The fall tends to be a very busy season for marketers, business, developers, and anyone involved in winning work between conferences, holiday planning and the dreaded client gifts logistics. This session is crafted to get you ready. To identify the research that you will be involved in, break down the purpose into research questions, and identify the research types and sources that will provide the answers. This is a step-by-step guide to get you ready, position you as a leader in the firm, and ultimately fuel your firm’s success in the next year. Sarah Kinard, Head Bird, The Flamingo Project Sarah is a strategic visionary with nearly 20 years of experience in professional services firm strategy, marketing, and implementation. She is known as a change agent, frequently hired by firms to create a strategy rooted in research, business practice, and scale resulting in their unique growth plan. You must register to access.
Unleashing Growth with Tech-Driven Strategic Marketing
While proposals remain vital to the way your firm acquires business, the data now shows that emerging decision-makers are increasingly more reliant on the information they find through online resources and thought leadership. Strategic marketing can help you accelerate your business growth by discovering untapped market potential, outperforming your competition, and staying top of mind for new and existing clients. Empowered by modern tech, a marketing team of any size can create and execute strategic marketing campaigns and drive growth. In this webinar, discover how you can get started, leverage your database, use marketing automation tools to reach the right audience and create content, and finally see the impact on your pipeline. Sponsored by aec360 by HSO Cole McIsaac, Director of Business Development at aec360 by HSO Cole McIsaac is a business development professional with over 10 years of experience in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry. Throughout his career, Cole has demonstrated a remarkable ability to identify and address the unique challenges faced by AEC firms. He is apt at identifying market trends and emerging technologies, enabling him to offer tailored solutions that drive growth and innovation. As a result, Cole continuously provides insights and guidance to clients, helping them navigate the ever-evolving landscape of technology in the industry. Cole's role as a business development resource has allowed him to cultivate strong long-term partnerships with clients and industry stakeholders. His experience in the AEC industry, combined with his software expertise and business development acumen, make him an invaluable resource for organizations seeking to leverage technology for success. His commitment to excellence, client-centric approach, and passion for innovation continue to make a significant impact on the industry as a whole. Neil Holmes, AEC Market Lead at aec360 by HSO Neil Holmes is the AEC Market Lead for aec360 by HSO, a trusted authority in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry technology. With over 30 years of experience, Neil has dedicated his career to assisting AEC firms worldwide in evaluating and selecting ERP software solutions. His experience, personalized approach, and dedication to client success allow Neil to make a significant impact on optimizing operations and driving growth for AEC firms worldwide. His industry knowledge and strategic guidance make him an invaluable asset for organizations seeking to achieve their full potential in today's competitive market. *Both bios have been drafted by an AI writing assistant and further edited and enhanced by the marketing team, dramatically reducing the overall time spent. You must register to access.
What are the Best Marketing Metrics to Boost Your Win Rates?
How can Architecture, Engineering, and Construction firms gain the advantage in today’s highly competitive market? By being “tech forward” when it comes to data. In this must-attend session for marketing and business development professionals, you’ll learn: • Which metrics matters most for A/E/C firms • What goals to set for metrics like hit rate and capture rate - "What does 'good' look like?" • Best practices for capturing high-quality data throughout the pursuit process Research shows that firms who track the right metrics not only win more business compared to firms who don’t, they also capturing the best pursuits for their firm. So don’t miss this chance to supercharge your marketing and business development efforts and set your firm up for long-term success. Sponsored by Unanet Christina Leahy, CPSM Christina Gilson Leahy, CPSM is a Senior Sales Enablement Engineer at Unanet CRM (formerly Cosential). She has decades of experience as an A/E/C marketer and database and organizational consultant. Her experience includes database development, implementation and training; marketing management; proposal preparation and coordination; public relations and integration management. She has conducted numerous presentations to chapters across the country on the topics of effective marketing, organizational systems and design. A recent CPSM, she a keen interest in how Unanet CRM can leverage new technologies to improve marketing and business development for A/E/C firms. You must register to access.
Common Pitfalls in Proposal Writing & How to Avoid Them
Learn from proposal writing expert and founder of RMR consulting, Rachelle Ray, as she walks you through the top proposal writing mistakes and how to avoid them. With 15 years in the AEC proposal writing space, Rachelle helps architecture and engineering firms of all sizes create succinct yet eloquent winning proposals. This session will cover: -Rachelle's winning proposal writing methodology -Key elements of a strong proposal -Common errors to avoid in proposal writing -A live walk-through of how Rachelle edits proposals for added clarity and consistent success Sponsored by OpenAsset Rachelle Ray Rachelle Ray has spent nearly fifteen years working exclusively on A/E/C proposals. She founded RMR Consulting after recognizing a need for flexible proposal management to address the fluctuating proposal needs across the industry. Her clients range from small studio design firms to multinational, multidiscipline engineering firms to general contractors. You must register to access.
“Own the Room” – How to Position Yourself as an Executive.
Learn to understand and leverage the intra-personal (self) and inter-personal (others) components that define executive presence. • Elevate your self-awareness and what is holding you back. • Define your leadership narrative in the Room and in social media. • Understand the role of Messaging and Relationship Building to push your agenda forward. Jenny Fernandez, MBA Jenny Fernandez is a leadership coach specializing in working with women CEOs in emerging, high-growth companies. She trained at Kellogg School of Management, where she received her MBA. She is currently a professor at Columbia Business and New York University, teaching Next Gen leaders in Leadership and Marketing. She is an active member of the investment community and a big supporter of the Next Gen Women in Tech through partnerships with Endeavor Venture Fund & Venture Studio, Techstars and 100 Coaches Agency. She mentors, advises and coaches women CEOs, Founders and leaders in emerging companies and scaling companies. She develops resilient leaders to solve large social problems through the ability to sense early, respond promptly, and pivot effectively to drive accelerated and transformative growth. Her leadership skills have been recognized by the Marshall Goldsmith community, and she is one of the top 100 leadership coaches in the United States. Jenny’s professional journey brings together an understanding of the skills needed to run a fast-moving, emerging company with investor acumen, real-world business savvy, and a dedication to helping future leaders grow their companies. You must register to access.
Professional Services Marketing Through a DEI Lens
Explore the varied dimensions of diversity and how they shape the experiences of individuals working in the built environment. This session provides practical strategies to incorporate DEI best practices into your marketing and business development efforts. By the end of this session, you'll be ready to take on the business world with a more empathetic, inclusive approach that values and embraces differences. Asheya Warren, FSMPS, CPSM For over twenty years, Asheya Warren, FSPMS, CPSM, has worked with numerous A/E/C and commercial real estate firms, ranging from large national corporations to growing minority-owned/small businesses as CEO & Founder of Praxis and is a two-term past president of SMPS Dallas. Contact Asheya at You must register to access.
Our Brand Journey - Fuscoe Engineering
Breathe new life into your brand with a behind the scenes look at the rebranding process at Fuscoe Engineering. Learn how you can stay true to your brand, differentiate in an evolving corporate landscape, and create strong brand advocates along the way. Sponsored by Knowledge Architecture Brandon Norton Brandon is a highly skilled and accomplished graphic designer who leans on his two decades of professional experience to serve as Multi-Media Manager at Fuscoe Engineering. His unique, yet classic creative style and a keen eye for detail enables him to deliver exceptional design solutions for all print and digital assets that promote and strengthen the firm’s brand. You must register to access.
Build Better Business Development Processes with CRM
Business development can be exciting and energizing, but also frustrating and overwhelming. Keeping track of all of the conversations, keeping relationships and opportunities moving in the right direction and ensuring you are investing time with the right clients can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be with the right processes and technology at your fingertips. In this session, you’ll learn how you can better leverage your CRM (client relationships management) technology to streamline your processes, eliminate some of the busywork for business development and help your teams prioritize the right BD activities. Understand which metrics will help your teams stay on track, how to leverage your CRM to capture your client and pursuit strategies, facilitate better pipeline and opportunity management and much more. Join this session to hear from a CRM expert on how you can set your teams up for success by marrying your CRM and BD processes. Sponsored by Deltek Megan R. Miller, CPSM Megan Miller is a director of product marketing at Deltek where she is focused on helping architecture and engineering firms leverage technology to improve their business processes and firm management. She is also the leader of the Deltek Clarity Architecture & Engineering Industry report, delivering dozens of benchmarks and industry trends that help firms identify bright spots and opportunities for improvement in their business. Megan has been an SMPS member for 20 years, is a past president of the Greater Cincinnati chapter and is a certified professional services marketer. Prior to joining Deltek, Megan spent more than a decade as a sales and marketing coordinator for an A&E firm where she helped implement the firm’s CRM solution. She is passionate about helping firms better leverage technology to help their business development and marketing processes. You must register to access.
Refresh Your Feed: The Ultimate Digital Toolkit
Refresh your feed with five tools that will simplify your digital strategy. Whether you are jumpstarting your social media for the new year, or simply looking to learn a few new tricks, this session will walk you through five tools to audit your communities, uncover content opportunities, and stay aligned with your firm’s brand on social. Meagan Camp, Director, Experiences at SMPS Meagan Camp is the Director of Experiences at SMPS HQ. She is the executive editor of the Marketer Journal and manages partnerships for the Society. Meagan has been a writer and editor for over 18 years, primarily for magazine publications. In 2017, she opened The Modern Take, a B2B social media agency to help firms use the power of storytelling when crafting social media strategies and has consulted A/E/C firms in markets around the US. You must register to access.
Amplify A|E|C 2023 Keynote: Unlocking the Potential of LinkedIn| Richard van der Blom
Watch the keynote from Amplify A|E|C 2023 from Richard van der Blom! You must register to access.