Explode Your Firm's Performance: The Business Case for Lighting the Fuse

Hear directly from the President & CEO of a once "old school" A/E firm and the revolutionary transformation of its environment, culture, and reward structure. The firm has engaged its employees in ways that have markedly evolved the 160-year-old organization in impressive ways. The results weren't immediate and required an ongoing “walk of faith" on the part of a newly transitioned leadership team. Framing all management and strategic decisions against the backdrop of the firm's prime strategic initiative was critical to the firm's positive outcomes. This presentation will illustrate an emphasis on an internal culture of leadership that runs in the background at all levels, improved business development and marketing results, better risk management, an increasingly engaged workforce, improved technical quality, customer service & retention, and internal coordination. The presentation will have an emphasis on the corresponding payback to the company, clients, and employees, as well as why all leaders interested in keeping their firms relevant should be doing likewise. (1.25 CEUs)

Learning Objectives:

  • Becoming an Employer of Choice is only one side of an equilibrium equation; the other side must be recruiting and retaining Employees of Choice. The traditional employer-employee
  • Being an Employer of Choice isn't about giving more and more “stuff" to employees and it's not about being “touchy-feely" either. It's about creating an internal culture of high performance and high leadership that runs in the firm's background and consistently returns positive and sustainable results.
  • Sustainable cultural change takes patience, investment, a measure of faith, perseverance, and confidence. Setbacks can, and will, occur, results aren't immediate and there are skeptics abound. That's why so few firms get there - but you must get there if you want to remain relevant going forward. The world has changed!