How To Become a Productivity Ninja

Recorded On: 03/23/2017

Instructor: Belinda Gates, Associate Certified Coach and Owner, Compass Enterprise LLC

Are you juggling too much, feeling tired, or finishing each day with little to show for it? During our March Lunchtime Learning Lab, our presenter will share 10 actions for becoming a productivity ninja. We know the A/E/C industry is often deadline-driven, hectic, and demanding. Learn how you can take control of your time and your activities, which will lead to more goals accomplished, less stress, and more fun.

Through this webinar, you’ll realize that following your passion, understanding your priorities, and creating a plan are keys to controlling your time, being more productive, and feeling more grateful. It’s possible to learn how to say no and choose the right way to spend your time for a productive, accomplished lifestyle that will help you reach your career and personal goals

 Learning Objectives

 During this lab, you’ll:

  1. Learn that defining your passions and priorities will set the foundation for a plan that leads to more productivity
  2. Discover the importance of creating a plan that puts you in control of your time and activities
  3. Realize how taking action and deflecting distractions will lead to achieving a higher level of productivity
  4. Learn to take control of your pace
  5. Gain follow up materials including your funability factor assessment

About the Instructor

Belinda Gates, Associate Certified Coach and Owner, Compass Enterprise LLC

Belinda Gates is an associate certified coach and speaker. Her leadership development and executive-coaching services support engineers, architects and manufacturing companies and other corporate clients. Her speaking engagements include SMPS conferences and corporate meetings nationwide on the topics of leadership development, goal-setting, planning, and achieving success. Prior to starting Compass Enterprise, Gates held an ownership position at Luckett & Farley Architects and Engineers, where she served the marketing, business development, client management, and strategic direction of the firm for 17 years. Yates is also the author of Your Successful Life, The Playbook for Defining and Achieving What Success Means to You.

She is a founding member of SMPS Kentucky and has served in various leadership roles at the chapter.