I Want to Be Rubber But I feel Like Glue: How to Regain Your Personal and Professional Bounce

Ever just feel stuck? As if all of your creativity, energy, and spark has been put on pause? Do you find yourself wishing for a different company, manager, position, or maybe just for space to be able to catch your breath? What if there is no one on a white horse just around the corner? What if the “one you have been waiting for" is actually just you? There are a number of ways we get stuck in our careers--and few have to do with the usual suspects of managers, compensation, or workload that we blame in our day jobs. The real strangleholds have to do with fear, knowledge of ourselves, and our own willingness to take risks. We often think of creativity as doing something--but that isn't the whole of it. It also equals being something. So, how do you impact the real things that keep you stuck? This interactive session will help you confront the "stuckness" in your life and give you practical suggestions for moving forward. (1.25 SMPS CEUs/1.25 AIA LUs)

Learning Objectives:

• Shift perspective from seeing 'stuckness' as an external problem to internal one and identify the internal elements that cause people to feel stuck in their careers.
• Empower participants with practical tools to breakthrough fear, unblock passion, and create change in their current professional environment.
• Create interactive engagement so that participants can apply the tools on a personal level in their own context.

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