Instagram Killed the Glamour Shots Star: Differentiating with Imagery

On May 30, 2013, the Chicago Sun-Times did the unthinkable. It fired its entire photography staff and mandated iPhone photography training for its field reporters. And the time may be coming when the A/E/C industry could consider it, too. Does that sound crazy? This is a provocative example of what an industry on the verge of extinction (newspapers) is driven to do to survive in an image-saturated and social media driven information culture: make and use nearly free images.

Darrin Scott Hunter, an architectural photographer, identity designer, and corporate trainer will lead this session explaining his unique perspectives on making and using A/E/C-specific imagery, from photography through information graphics along a "spectrum of representation" to differentiate marketing approaches toward internal business unit audiences and external competitors.

Hunter will provide a case study illustrating the roles of social media platforms, traditional "glamour shot" architectural photography, and the rise of video content. Small group workshop exercises will provide a clear system of alternative image sourcing strategies, and methods for evaluating best practices toward "brand channeling" and cost control. (1.25 CEUs/1.25 AIA LUs)

Learning Objectives:

  • Write a photo shoot creative brief that outlines needs, simplifies logistics, and guides photographers toward on-brand imagery.
  • Focus the content of marketing imagery on firm differentiators using the right media channels to support selling actual services.
  • Strategize an image sourcing process that controls cost, increases coverage, helps to manage usage rights, and diversifies stylistic range.
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