Many Roles, Many Hats. Perspectives from "Do it All" Marketers and Business Developers

Do you wear many hats in your firm as a marketer? In many firms, marketers are tasked with proposal and collateral development, but might also engage in: business development, graphic design, public relations, trade shows, advertising, and coaching. It is important to remain organized and sane while investing in your professional development. How do you successfully do it all? How are you evaluated for such a diverse role? Being the one and only marketing and business development person in your firm may come in different forms or have different titles. If you are the only source for business development and marketing in your firm, you must have a unique combination of skills: vision, creativity, design capabilities, strong writing and proposal development skills as well as sales and relationship building skills – all of which work together to help sell your firm's services. This session addresses a number of strategies and perspectives used by marketers who are the single source for marketing and business development in their firms. (1.25 CEUs)

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain perspective from professionals who perform both marketing and business development functions for their firms.
  • Learn tips on how to better organize their time in managing the activities needed for both responsibilities.
  • Gain perspective on how to sell this unique dual skill with their firm's upper management as well as negotiate and help determine performance goals for their position where possible.