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The following 10 programs are included in this Marketing Must-Haves Collection:

External Communication

New Rules of Strategic Planning

Leveling Up on LinkedIn

Wake Up Your Writing: Tips to Avoid Tired, Overused Language

Branding 2020

Writing Stories Behind Buildings

Great Photos are Not Enough

Storytelling: How to Write Compelling Cover Letters and Blogs

Budgeting your Marketing Program: Aligning Marketing Efforts to your Firm's Goals

Infographics for Anyone

Each 60-minute webinar in this course is approved for 1 continuing education unit (CEU) for the Certified Professional Services Marketer program. 


External Communications: Media relations, events, campaigns, social media and more
Adapting to the new normal of life with the novel coronavirus has meant a big adjustment in how Hensel Phelps markets and communicates to external audiences. We’ll take a look at the impact coronavirus had on our existing campaigns and programs and how we responded to the challenges while keeping our core focus on safety. We’ll explore media coverage, events, social media and more. With the situation still in flux, we will discuss how we are approaching the planning and executing of our external communications strategy while remaining flexible. Learning Objectives: - Review and discuss strategies for external communication and social media in response to major events - Manage changing priorities and revise marketing and communications strategic plans - How to monitor media coverage and prepare employees to respond to media inquiries - Explore alternatives of for events and conferences and evaluate the value proposition of virtual events Presenter: Mandy Peters Marketing Communications Manager Hensel Phelps You must register to access.
The New Rules of Strategic Planning
In this 75 minute, interactive session, Ann will share a case story of how Messer Construction took a very different approach to Strategic Planning. She’ll share 5 New Rules for Strategic Planning, including involving your team in Strategic Planning, how to look at the market broadly, and engage with your customers as you plan; clearly defining where you will play and how you will win; and letting the financial follow, rather than lead Strategic Planning. Participants will work together to identify “what needs to be true” for these rules to apply in their own organizations. Learning Objectives: - 5 Rules for strategic planning - How to look at the market broadly - Engage with your customers - Let the financial follow over leading strategic planning You must register to access.
Social Media - Leveling Up on LinkedIn
By now, you have likely established an account on LinkedIn. But are you regularly using the platform to benefit you and your organization? Matthew Dooley - whose LinkedIn profile is in the top 1% most viewed - will show you all of the latest ins and outs of LinkedIn, including best practices and pitfalls to avoid. He'll cover everything from optimizing your profile and growing your network to demonstrating thought leadership and integrating LinkedIn with other business tools. BONUS: For every 10th person who signs up, we're offering a free profile upgrade. We'll learn who you are, what you offer, to whom and why it matters. Then, our talented copywriter will write up a fresh bio for you. Learning Objectives: - Understand the value of establishing and maintaining a presence on the largest online professional network - Learn the latest tips and techniques for building relationships, advancing your career, and bringing value to your organization through LinkedIn. - Learn how to use LinkedIn on a consistence basis in order to build awareness and memorability, all while not taking focus away from your other priorities. You must register to access.
Wake Up Your Writing: Tips to Avoid Tired, Overused Language
In these unprecedented and difficult times, words matter more than ever. Don’t let the uncertainty distract you from the new normal. It’s time to wake up your writing and step away from the overused and tired language of the past few months. Learning Objectives: - Learn to identify overused, cliché phrases and avoid them in your written work - Improve the overall quality of your writing - Get tips for finding your brand’s “voice” and using it - Learn to write from values and with authenticity You must register to access.
Branding 2020
This year has presented a unique set of challenges — financial, social, physical, and political. Any one of these would be a significant challenge, but all of them in one year has left many marketers with more questions than answers. In this session we will share some of the unique challenges and opportunities you have faced this year and the lessons you have learned for coping. How will living through 2020 help you and your brand thrive in the next 20 years? Presenter: Jerry Gennaria Toky You must register to access.
Writing - Stories Behind Buildings
Join Susana as she shares and explores examples of inspiration and the organizing thoughts behind the designs of buildings. She'll share the stories of some recent commissions, and the multi-faceted approach in which the design of physical environments could embrace everything from nature to local communities and cultural beliefs. Where does the big idea and inspiration come from when architects start the process of place making? Where does the spark come from? What is the genesis of a building? It’s rationale, its purpose, intention and potential? What do design professionals look at? It varies, but its significance could originate from science, nature, society drivers, or the history and culture of inhabitants of the surrounding area. When the public experiences our buildings, from the inside or outside, they will go through the experience of the transformative, culturally flexible and meaningful connections among the final design and its genesis. We will review ‘Parti’ diagrams which are the early representation of the design concept, also known as “a napkin sketch” or “the big idea concept.” These diagrams represent the ability to draw a building design and program in a conceptual way - one of the most powerful things architect do. SLIDES ARE NOT AVAILABLE FOR THIS SESSION. Presenter: Susana Erpestad, AIA, ACHA, LEED AP BD+C, EDAC Director of Federal Architecture HDR You must register to access.
Great Photos Are Not Enough
Great photos alone do not differentiate your firm. Your prospective clients expect to see great photos and your competitors have great photos. In this interactive presentation, you’ll learn ways to leverage your great photos to produce better results! A great photo used in the right place can powerfully communicate an idea while building an emotional connection between the viewer and that idea. A great photo in the wrong place can distract from the message and confuse your audience. What is a great photo? We’ll explore how to identify and create great photos by deconstructing how composition, light and storytelling work together in the most effective images. How can we leverage our best images to produce results? You’ll learn how to ask tough questions that will help you deconstruct those “great” images and make sure you are choosing images that will improve outcomes from email marketing, social media, newsletters, websites and proposals. You must register to access.
Storytelling: How to write compelling cover letters and blogs
Communication forges relationships. Relationships prompt trust. Trust wins work. Firms that communicate effectively produce client-focused content to differentiate themselves, build credibility, and increase win rates. Participants will learn how to write compelling cover letters and blogs that help their firms stand out and connect with clients. The session will focus on immediate takeaways and include templates, so that participants can apply these skills right away. This program is copyright 2020 by the Society for Marketing Professional Services Build Business Conference with all rights reserved. Learning Objectives: - Discover how to prioritize readers’ interests, concerns, and values to make better decisions about content - Practice producing succinct and specific writing in cover letters and blogs - Explore ways to build relationships and win more business with compelling writing Presenter: Mercedez L. Thompson Associate Proposal Specialist II Michael Baker International You must register to access.
Budgeting Your Marketing Program
Marketing teams tasked with designing an annual marketing budget have many factors to consider, including a key priority — proving ROI. This is an increasingly important factor in how budgets are created, with marketing teams being asked to better justify their spending and demonstrate improved performance and results. There is no magic formula for creating a marketing budget. Every company is different. Every industry is different. But it is possible to determine the right amount you should be spending on your branding and marketing efforts without using darts or pulling out your hair. This program is copyright 2020 by the Society for Marketing Professional Services Build Business Conference with all rights reserved. Presenter: Stacy A. Stout, FSMPS, CPSM Principal BRANDiac Strategies You must register to access.
Infographics for Anyone
Boost the look of your proposals, presentations, website, campaigns, and more with captivating infographics. Many of us are managing lists upon lists of marketing campaigns these days. How can you find the time to learn how to wear one more hat? Join us as we explore tips and resources to help each of us work smarter, not harder, when it comes to creating graphics for our firms. You'll leave the session equipped with the know-how to start designing infographics in a matter of minutes, not days! This program is copyright 2020 by the Society for Marketing Professional Services Build Business Conference with all rights reserved. Learning Objectives: - Learn how to use infographics to communicate a thought, information, or topic using easy-to-understand graphics - Learn how to use existing content and relevant data as the foundation of your design - Understand how to visualize and lay out infographics with branded elements and style - Walk away with tips and resources to help create an infographic in a matter of minutes Presenter: Amanda D. Roehl Owner, Chief Idea Generator Pixels and Ink Studio LLC You must register to access.