Master This- Bold Brand 2.0: Rebranding Workshop


If you're considering a rebrand in 2021, don't miss this three-day master class with Josh Miles, the Society’s CMO and author of Bold Brand 2.0. Josh will unpack his secrets to leveraging brand strategy to reposition, differentiate, and market your A/E/C firm through rebranding. He’ll also delve into the first three phases of rebranding: brand strategy, brand voice, and brand identity. Don't miss this opportunity to get a jump-start on your firm’s new positioning and identity in 2021.

Josh Miles

Chief Marketing Officer, SMPS

Society for Marketing Professional Services

Josh Miles is a brand-obsessed CMO, keynote speaker, and caffeine addict focused on helping others make their creative obsessions their profession. He’s a national speaker, TEDx presenter, and hosts of two podcasts: Obsessed Show and PSM.Show. Josh is also an advisory board member of the Purdue University Lamb School of Communication and author of Bold Brand 2.0.


Session 1: Brand Strategy
Session 2: Brand Voice
Session 3: Brand Identity