Master This - Change Management


Embracing change: It’s one of the hardest things to accomplish. But it’s necessary for personal and professional success. In this Master This series, our presenter Maisha Hagan walks us through the process of change management and decision-making within your role and at your firm.

Maisha Hagan

CEO & Head Coach

Maisha Christian Hagan is owner of and head coach at Beauty & the Boss, a professional development and career coaching service that helps women strategically position themselves for promotion or career growth. Prior to starting Beauty & the Boss, Maisha concentrated on the A/E/C industries as a professional services marketer, and as a director and member of an executive leadership team for multi-million dollar companies. She has a passion for people and a mind for business and has leveraged these strengths into teaching, mentoring, and coaching within public, private, and nonprofit communities.


Session 1: Change Management 101
We often find ourselves resisting change, perhaps due to the perceived risk or fear we associate with it. However, learning to embrace change and increase your sphere of tolerance for the unexpected is important for professional growth, innovation, and advancement. In this first session, you’ll learn about the change management model. Then we’ll build from there and explore mindsets, tools, and strategies for managing the change within your role, department, and firm. You must register to access.
Session 2: Decision Making Frameworks
We often view decision-making on a spectrum of two extremes. On one end, there are individuals who operate from gut feelings; on the other end are people who need to research and consider all the pertinent facts. We know that some decisions are more important than others, but how do we vet out the best option given the information and time we have? In this session, we’ll explore models for strategic decision-making. You’ll learn how time influences decision-making (hint: more is not always better). Finally, we’ll look at specific areas where marketing professionals can leverage these skills throughout their organization. You must register to access.
Session 3: Execution
In this third and final session, we’ll discuss execution and implementation. Specifically we’ll look at “speed to market” concepts and, using case studies, we’ll work to understand the pros and cons of going fast, faster, and fastest. We’ll also explore Skrum and its simplified application to help improve the quality and impact of marketing processes, procedures, and projects. You must register to access.