Master This - Digital Readiness


A few months ago, the way we worked changed drastically. From new remote work policies to the way we handled business development, many firms had to turn on a dime to keep up. In this three-part session led by digital-marketing expert, Tim Asimos, you’ll learn unique ways to engage your audience and win projects in our virtual world.


Tim Asimos

Partner & Director of Digital + Growth

As partner and director of Digital + Growth at circle S studio, Tim Asimos has a deep understanding of the ups and downs of the digital world. With an unwavering focus on the user experience, Tim helps guide the creation and development of websites and other digital projects. His keen insight and technological prowess help clients navigate the constantly changing world of marketing. Tim has long been a proponent of content marketing, and he helps clients engage their audiences in new and meaningful ways.


Session 1: Strategies for Effectively Engaging a Remote Team
COVID-19 has prompted many companies to implement remote working policies—some for the first time at such a large scale. As firm leaders work hard to ensure operations continue running as smoothly, they’re also challenged with keeping their team focused, engaged with, and connected to the company culture. The importance of communication simply cannot be overstated in preventing a workforce that’s physically remote from becoming one that’s emotionally remote as well. This session will address some of the biggest communication and cultural challenges firms face when working remotely. You must register to access.
Session 2: Finding Business Development Success in a Virtual World
The A/E/C business development game has drastically changed overnight. Mainstay tactics such as face-to-face meetings, lunch and learns, industry tradeshows, golf tournaments, and networking events are out—for now. So how can and should business development be practiced in a virtual environment? This session will help you elevate your firm’s ability to get business development traction in today’s virtual world. You’ll learn practical tips, tools, and best practices for online networking and prospecting that can be implemented immediately. You must register to access.
Session 3: Delivering a Winning Virtual Interview Presentation
Many organizations—both public and private—have shifted in-person shortlist interviews to a virtual environment. Simply put, virtual presentations are a completely different dynamic from in-person interviews and require an entirely different strategy, approach, and delivery. While most firms have invested in interview training, many find themselves lacking the same confidence and comfort level with the virtual format. Learn how to elevate your firm’s ability to deliver a winning virtual interview with a blueprint on how to turn dry, impersonal presentations into differentiating, interactive conversations that engage your audience and win the project. Live event: 11/16/2020 at 12:00 PM (EST) You must register to access.