Master This - Loyalty Loop


One of the most effective ways to grow our business isn't filling a funnel with low-quality leads. Instead, treat your loyal clients and prospects as your most valuable asset. It's time to exploit your loyalty loop. The loyalty loop leverages your existing clients to drive a steady stream of highly valuable, high-margin, new business. In this immersive and interactive three-part workshop, best-selling author and marketing strategist Andrew Davis will help you harness the power of the new B2B buying experience.

Learning objectives:

  1. Discover how to build anticipation so your prospects can't wait to get on the phone
  2. Learn how to maximize the honeymoon period to get better testimonials
  3. Walk away with one super-secret question that will transform your experience.

Andrew Davis

Best Selling Author & Keynote Speaker

Andrew Davis is a bestselling author and keynote speaker.Before building and selling a thriving digital marketing agency, Andrewproduced for NBC and worked for The Muppets. He’s appeared in the New YorkTimes and on the Today Show. He’s crafted documentary films and award-winningcontent for tiny startups and Fortune 500 brands. Today, Andrew Davis teachesbusiness leaders how to grow their businesses, transform their cities, andleave their legacy.

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Session 1: Welcome to the Loyalty Loop
In this first session, we'll rework the modern B2B buying journey together identify the four micro moments in your client and prospect experience that matter most. We'll also identify a crucial Moment of Commitment, and you'll learn how to map the current experience. You must register to access.
Session 2: The Six Loyalty Loop Drivers
After reviewing our current experience (and homework), Andrew will uncover the Six Loyalty Loop Drivers—simple micro-encounters that leave a major impression on your clients. We'll map a revised Loyalty Loop Experience together and walk through how to build a better experience for your prospects and clients. Each attendee will receive a Loyalty Loop Driver map and a series of videos to help them dive deeper into each one. You must register to access.
Session 3: Building Your New Loop
We'll review a few of the Loyalty Loops from the homework session, and then turn our attention to implementation. Where and how do we start revising the current experience? Andrew will show you how to break down your Loyalty Loop into even smaller, simple changes you can start implementing tomorrow. You must register to access.
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