Master This: People Leadership

Master This: People Leadership

A/E/C firms of all sizes are struggling to attract and keep great talent, employees are experiencing burnout at unprecedented levels, and HR teams simply can’t keep up. While a single solution won’t solve all these pain points, there is a solution that addresses them in an ongoing, sustainable manner:  Effective people leadership. 

Great people leadership isn’t something that most people are born with, it’s developed.  In this series, we’ll take a strategic look at people leadership, why it’s so challenging and how to use science to develop people leadership skills to change how we lead.

  • Part 1: The Broken Foundation
  • Part 2: Understanding the Multi-Generational Workforce
  • Part 3: The Neuroscience of Leading People


Learning Objectives

1. Understand the critical role that people leadership plays in delivering great client experiences and business growth.

2. Learn the primary practices that are pervasive within firms and across industries that hinder great people leadership.

3. Explore how people leadership is evolving to meet the changing needs of a multi-generational workforce.

4. Discover how neuroscience can be leveraged to more effectively develop leaders in your firm.



Heather Polivka

Trusted Advisor. Business Owner. Founder. Change Agent. Speaker.

Heather Polivka is an internationally trusted business advisor accelerating the growth and success of progressive SMBs and their leaders through practical leadership, employee performance, and thriving workplace cultures.  Heather’s methodology unites over a decade’s worth of experience across marketing, HR and, operations to transforming people, processes, and profits of Fortune 10 organizations, 20+ acquired businesses, and SMBs of all sizes.


The Broken Foundation
As the industries need to attract and retain people to fill open seats and meet client demand, we need to understand the obstacles that keep companies from reaching these goals. In this session, we’ll explore the practices prevalent across many industries that is the root cause of why it’s difficult to keep great talent. The economic outlook for the A/E/C industries is bright, and it will take people to make it happen. You must register to access.
Understanding the Multi-Generational Workforce
More than ever before, firms are managing a multi-generational workforce, each generation with distinct needs, expectations, and communication styles. The “one size fits all” approach no longer works. And while the decision-making power mostly sits with one generation, the power of numbers sits with others. Leaders are struggling to reconcile these changing dynamics. In this session, we’ll discover “why now?” and look at how to get the best out of any multi-generational team so that everyone, regardless of generation, can thrive. You must register to access.
The Neuroscience of Leading People
Leading people is rarely straight forward. In this session, we’ll look at the critical role our brains play in how effectively we can lead others. We’ll explore ways to navigate other people’s neuro-responses and discover how to strengthen and expand our emotional intelligence. Ultimately, we’ll be reminded that even in fields as technical as ours, we’re human beings leading fellow human beings. You must register to access.