Master This- Strategic Planning


It’s time to put some brain power into strategic planning. And it doesn’t have to be brain surgery. Strategic plans have become crucial for firms looking for ways to thrive and grow in an increasingly competitive environment. In this three-part workshop, you'll learn how to execute strategic business planning to help accelerate your firm’s growth and success.

Stacy Stout, FSMPS, CPSM


BRANDiac Strategies

As the energetic founding principal of BRANDiac Strategies,Stacy Stout knows a thing or two about enthusiastically building business,relationships, and brands. Prior to BRANDiac, Stacy held marketing directorpositions for prominent architectural firms and a leading general contractor,in addition to marketing strategist roles for advertising firms. No matterwhere clients roam, Stacy is an expert at wrangling the focus to marketingstrategy and outcomes.

Stacy is a past-president of SMPS Colorado, was a member of theSociety board as a director-at-large, was awarded Marketer of the Year by the chapterin 2011, and was named an SMPS Fellow in 2014.


Session 1: DEFINE
Just the name, strategic business planning, can be intimidating. Add in a hodgepodge of complex processes and arcane terminology and the whole thing can become quite messy. In this session, we’ll walk through an overview of what the strategic planning process really represents and its potential impact at a business level. level. You must register to access.
Session 2: DESIGN
Learn the process for setting organizational goals and vision, defining strategies and policies to achieve them, and designing a detailed plan to make sure that the strategies are implemented to achieve results. You must register to access.
Session 3: ALIGN
Crafting and developing the plans is only half the battle. The real work comes in implementing the plan and keeping the team focused on achieving outlined goals. This session will walk through tactics to help you keep the team engaged and your plan on track. You must register to access.