Master This- Visual Storytelling: Photography and Video


Storytelling is the elusive magic that creates an emotional connection between your firm and a potential client. We’ll show you how to craft it during our next Master This series.

Our three-part, virtual workshop highlights effective visual storytelling through photography and video that allows your creative work to resonate with the right people. 

Our presenter will show us how to:

  1. Create images and videos that will improve outcomes from email marketing, social media, newsletters, websites, and proposals
  2. Discover techniques to know if your image or video is aligned with your message and audience
  3. Utilize tools of composition to improve the clarity and emotional impact of your images
  4. Identify the biases the make it hard to identify or create effective images and video
  5. Identify the right image for a given purpose





Tyler Chartier

Commercial Photographer

Tyler Chartier

Commercial photographer by day + father by night. For work, Tyler shoots architecture and people for local and national companies – and he shoots almost anything for fun. Combining a passion for the process of photography with intense curiosity, Tyler helps his clients tell stories to create strong connections with their people.  When he’s not telling stories with his camera, Tyler spends time with his wife and two boys. Together they love hiking, biking, backpacking, and building things—recently a two-story lighthouse and playhouse in their backyard.


Session 1: Ask the tough questions and build a strong foundation
Effective visual storytelling is built on the fundamentals: understanding your audience and articulating a clear idea. Our own biases often make it challenging to understand what stories matter to our audience. By asking the hard questions, we’ll deconstruct what works and what doesn’t work in visual storytelling. Using case studies and questions from attendees, we’ll explore strategies and techniques to clarify the message, identify the audience and lay the foundation for creating still images and videos that will produce results. You must register to access.
Session 2: How to build an image: Composition and Light
We’ll explore how to leverage the building blocks of composition to articulate our idea and how to utilize light to amplify the message. Going beyond the misleading “rules” of composition, we’ll explore the most effective tools for using composition to tell stories: Visual Mass, Dynamic Energy, Balance, Depth and Tension. We’ll deconstruct how light can influence our story and we’ll discover how to study light. Through case studies and attendee questions we’ll learn how to bring composition and light together to create powerful visual stories. You must register to access.
Session 3: Learn by doing
We’ll share our homework and discuss what worked, what didn’t work and what we’ve learned. This will be a supportive, encouraging, hands-on exploration of the ideas we’ve covered in the first two sessions. We’ll leave this session with a robust understanding of how to create visual stories that resonate. You must register to access.