Proposal Automation: What It Means and How To Get Started

Gathering crucial data points when putting together your proposals can be a  time bandit. The data-gathering process can make or break your sanity, creativity, and success unless you have a tool or method of organizing your firm’s portfolio. If you’re struggling to get your CRM or content database working for you so you can make better proposals, this learning lab is for you.

CRMs are growing as a strategic solution for storing and housing data such as previous project experience, descriptions, photos, and résumés, all the while tapping into core financial records from your accounting or ERP database.  The buzzword in our space of Proposal Automation means using a tool such as an A/E/C-centric CRM that understands what this process looks like and, more importantly, designed to integrate with the tools commonly used by A/E/C marketers.

Regardless of your current software stack, this session will help you understand how this process works and what best practices are used in top firms.


Learning Objectives:

  • Learn what Proposal Automation means and how it translates to time savings and efficiency
  • Outline the core components and elements of Proposal Automation
  • Learn strategies to keep your CRM organized to benefit your proposal process
  • Understand how to realistically catch up and set goals to overcome years or decades of data silos
  • Discover best practices you can use to emulate what a CRM does in your own database, even if you don’t have a CRM

Presenters: Courtney Kearney, CPSM, CEO, CKearney Consulting (CKC)

Known for her love of data, Courtney Kearney, CPSM, brings her marketing skills and years of experience to a technical world of databases, processes, and numbers. She is a CRM thought leader, writing white papers, leading roundtables, and giving presentations at local and national conferences. Her firm, CKC, provides CRM system evaluation, implementation, support, training, proposal automation, data analytics, and API integration services. Kearney has served in several leadership roles at SMPS Fort Worth including acting as current president. She enjoys spending time with her firefighter husband and two amazing daughters.

Chaz Ross-Munro, CPSM, CF APMP, Implementation Specialist, Cosential

Chaz Ross-Munro, CPSM, is a proposal hacker, cat herder, back hand springer, and wine enthusiast. She has been a professional services marketer for more than 12 years, securing more than $600 million in contracts for her public and private sector clients.

One CEU is provided for this program.

Are you a CPSM? When you participate in a live learning lab, or access on-demand, you will earn 1 CEU toward recertification for SMPS’s Certified Professional Services Marketer program.


Proposal Automation: What It Means and How To Get Started
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