Proven Techniques to Win Business and New Clients

Recorded On: 03/17/2015

Business development isn't rocket science—it's people science. It requires discipline, organization, and the ability to read people. Whether your clients are public or private, there are strategies to win business.

Successful business developers understand that developing a solid relationship leads to opportunities and, ultimately, to new work coming in the door. Firms that chase public work need to position themselves well ahead of an RFP. Ones chasing private work need to become "go to" confidants for current and potential clients. There's a way to accomplish this and business owner, Jon Davies, will show you how during our March webinar.

Learning Objectives

During this hands-on webinar, attendees will learn:

  • Proven techniques and strategies for building quality business relationships to win projects
  • Ways to build a professional network
  • The important questions to ask and information to gain before a project "hits the streets"
  • Strategies to help technical staff and different personality types overcome fears of business development
  • When to push and when to back off on a non-responsive potential client
  • Tips and tricks on identifying potential clients and building a system to identify projects before your competitors

Jon T. Davies

Director of Client Services, BHC Consultants LLC

Jon Davies has been in the A/E/C industry for 15 years and is an owner and managing partner at BHC. He has presented to professional associations both locally and nationally regarding proven strategies for winning work. The majority of his time is spent building relationships with public sector decision-makers and positioning BHC to win projects. He believes the "new normal" offers new opportunities for firms willing to focus time and energy on client services and business development.