Should I Stay or Should I Go? Getting the Most From Your Evaluation Process

This session, presented in part as a case study, follows the complete overhaul of a mid-size A/E firm's Go/No-Go (GNG) form and process. It begins with a look back at the existing form, including statistical analyses, and explores reasons that the firm's business developers were resistant to using it. Then the session dives into the development, implementation, and results of the new GNG form, determining what questions to ask, how to ask and score them, and what to do with the information once collected.

Aimed towards mid-to-senior-level Marketing and BD professionals, key takeaways include:

• Structuring a GNG form/process so that it can uncover gaps in knowledge, experience and client relationships.
• Maximizing the impact of the approval process to get beyond a simple “rubber-stamp" mentality.
• Achieving maximum GNG completion participation.
• Determining if a GNG form is measuring what it is intended to measure by using statistical analysis.
• Deciding which questions belong on a GNG form and how best to phrase the questions and answer choices to achieve the intended results.
• Using reporting mechanisms to track and provide key lead and lag metrics to firm leadership.

(1.25 CEUs/1.25 AIA LUs)

Learning Objectives:

• Discover how to effectively construct a GNG form and process to serve as a front-line tool for client relationship and knowledge gap analysis.
• Explore the five fundamental questions involved in the GNG decision-making process and gain tips on how to turn them into objective, measurable questions.
• Learn how to conduct basic statistical analyses to determine if their GNG tools are effectively measuring what they are intended to measure (i.e. correlated to the probability of winning a particular project).

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