Live and On Demand Webinars

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder With Effective Marketing

    Includes a Live Web Event on 05/19/2020 at 2:00 PM (EDT)

    During our May webinar, learn how to transition from a reactive approach to a proactive model of planning and implementation. This approach allows you to prioritize projects and think about your firm’s success not only in the short term, but in the long run.

  • Defining Your Firm’s Value Path

    Includes a Live Web Event on 04/07/2020 at 2:00 PM (EDT)

    There are four distinct categories of value development: functional, operational, transformational, and inspirational. Most professional service firms already deliver functional value, but what does it take to deliver operational value, or even a value that can transform a client’s project? In this webinar, we’ll review each of these categories and discover how delivering value can move your firm into increased revenue.

  • Secrets of Success: Managing a Decentralized Marketing Team

    Includes a Live Web Event on 03/24/2020 at 2:00 PM (EDT)

    During the past four years, Jen has transformed her regional marketing team from a fully decentralized model with one marketer in each office to a collaborative, hybrid model where marketers sit in a variety of offices but work seamlessly together on projects across the region. She’ll discuss how to determine which model is best for your firm, how to garner buy-in from leadership on moving to the model, and best practices for leading any team that spends very little time physically together.

  • Connect and Capture: Writing To Win Business

    During our February webinar, participants will learn how to use language effectively for an intended audience; eliminate wordiness and produce simple, clear, and specific writing; and employ correct grammatical and mechanical standards. Together, these skills will cultivate meaningful relationships and add value to your firm.

  • How to Refresh Brand Perception After Crisis or Change

    It's time to be aware, prepared, and ready to control the unexpected. During our January webinar, our presenter will focus on brand perception research as a stop gap for mistakes that haunt and transitions that linger. We’ll also learn about smart, strategic approaches to planning ahead for the unexpected. By investigating brand perceptions from circles of influence (COI), such as referral sources or project partners as well as from clients and employees, you can work to head off issues that impact referrals and client retention.

  • How A/E/C Winners Embrace Business Development

    Our December webinar will serve as a call to action to build and maintain a BD culture at your firm that leads to sharing ideas, best practices, and resources for driving BD. You’ll learn how to grow your organization and become more valuable to your existing clients. A BD audit and gap analysis will also be shared as well as tips on matching every member of your team with their BD skillset.

  • Reinvent Your Trade Show Journey

    Firms may spend thousands or even millions annually on conference participation, as costs for travel, displays, and giveaways add up quickly. This webinar will reveal results of an independently validated SMPS research study, in which A/E/C marketers shared ways they maximize conference investments to deliver value to their firms and impact the bottom line. Part of a dynamic marketing team that manages more than 400 shows a year, our presenters will supplement survey results along with their experiences in building effective conference processes and technology.

  • Transform Your Firm’s Website To Drive Growth

    With so much emphasis on emerging trends such as content marketing and client experience, many firms have neglected their most valuable marketing asset—their website! In today’s competitive environment, it’s not enough just to have a website, even a nice-looking one. So get ready for a deep-dive into the latest innovations in UX design and website development. During our October webinar, you’ll discover how to transform your firm’s website (old, new or somewhere in-between) into a client and talent magnet by creating a remarkable user experience.

  • Get Noticed: InDesign for Graphs and Charts

    Our September webinar is designed for the beginning to intermediate InDesign user who works on proposals and promotional material regularly. Adding these design concepts to your skillset will allow you to make the most of your page space and entice your audience while visually conveying information.

  • Build a Stream of Referrals To Grow Your Business

    The best way to grow your business is to turn your current clients into raving fans. Easier said than done, right? During our August webinar, discover ways to "activate your promoters" so they send you a steady stream of new clients and work. We’re not talking about awkward and uncomfortable calls begging for introductions. Instead, our presenter will show you a process and framework that’s easy, teachable, and immediately measurable—and will help you grow your business quickly and sustainably.

  • Knowledge Is Revenue: How to Conduct Killer Marketing Research

    Our June webinar will cover the two most common research types: competitive research and customer research. We’ll discuss new methods, practices, tools, and technologies for conducting meaningful research and collecting information you can actually use. Our seasoned practitioner and presenter will show us how to turn collected data into meaningful insight to build your business.

  • Who Trusts You? The Key To Attracting Clients & Advocates

    During this webinar, you’ll use a 15-question quiz to help determine where you are with someone’s trust and what to do and say next. Why is this important? Because you can’t just rely on digital tools in your marketing toolkit. Face-to-face skills will help your career as a marketer of professional services—and also help your firm succeed. You’ll learn how to create a cadre of advocates who talk about your successes, vouch for your character and competence, and gladly send opportunities your way.

  • Communication Strategies for Today’s Generational Differences

    In this webinar, we’ll review the characteristics of the five generations, identify the broad differences, and discuss the result when we blend and mix generational attitudes and beliefs. We’ll also look at ways to leverage these differences to enhance your company’s organizational culture. Most important, we’ll examine ways to use basic business development strategies to recruit and retain a dynamic multi-generational workforce.

  • Understanding Financial Metrics and Why They Matter

    Balance sheets, profit and loss analysis, and financial reports can seem daunting to marketing and business development teams. But understanding your firm’s key financial metrics and how they impact you is critical to your career development. During our March webinar, you’ll discover the method behind the metrics and what they mean to marketing and business development. Learn which key performance indicators (KPIs) are most important to your business, tips for monitoring the metrics, and how marketing and business development can impact the numbers. Business transformed through marketing leadership begins with marketing and business development understanding the business and that starts with you.

  • The Butterfly Effect & Its Impact on A/E/C Firms

    The future will be a terrifying place for the ill-prepared. For those who don’t take the time to scan their environments to make educated predictions about how new trends will impact them, a post-apocalyptic wasteland awaits. The Butterfly Effect posits that something as seemingly innocuous as a butterfly flapping its wings can directly impact the development of a major hurricane several weeks later. But in an industry of technical professionals, these early indicators of major disruptors are often ignored or go unnoticed. Firms often spend time reacting to present-day situations rather than addressing trends that severely impact the A/E/C industries in the long term. Through this webinar, participants will learn about such trends and be able to interpret future ones to obtain success.

  • Managing Up: Working Successfully With Any Type of Boss

    This interactive webinar provides proven strategies and techniques to increase cooperation and collaboration between those who have different power levels, perspectives, and personalities. Learning to effectively manage up is good for you, good for your boss, and good for your organization.

  • Identifying Pursuits in the Public Sector

    While business development efforts can be critical to closing the deal, strategic market research from a marketing team is crucial in identifying opportunities before they’re ever discussed. Understanding how to identify, chase, and close public sector projects will diversify your firm and give you the leading edge during this unique and formal pursuit process.

  • Making Sure Your Entire Proposal Screams “Pick Me”

    It’s time to stop focusing on quantity over quality and focus on letting your main ideas shine through to strengthen your proposals. Presenter Jen McGovern, CPSM, will share best practices gained through preparing and reviewing hundreds of proposals for public and private clients worldwide. Participants will leave the webinar feeling prepared to tailor every section of their proposals, taking their next submittal to the next level.

  • Blogging for Thought Leadership: A Blueprint for A/E/C Firms

    Our webinar presenter, Tim Asimos, CPSM, vice president and director of digital innovation at circle S studio, will help you understand how to turn your firm’s blog into an influential platform and a destination for prospects and clients. You'll gain practical and actionable information and learn how to implement the right strategies and best practices for building a powerful and effective blogging program—one that will support your business development efforts and nurture client relationships.

  • Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan: A One-Page Magic Bullet

    Whether you’re just getting involved in the marketing planning process or you need some helpful tips to refresh your current strategy, this webinar is for you. Join us for an in-depth look into the strategic marketing planning process and how you can set your company up for success!