Live and On Demand Webinars

  • Don't Look Now, Your Strength is Showing

    Includes a Live Event on 03/12/2019 at 2:00 PM (EDT)

    We all possess strengths that come as second nature to us. But without learning how to flex our behavior to adapt to the needs of others, those strengths can become roadblocks on our way to effective business relationships. During this webinar, our presenter will share the advantages of using and analyzing the DISC Behavioral Assessment to help you succeed. Through DISC, we can understand the root of communication misfires, decrease tension and increase trust, while establishing rapport and credibility.

  • The Butterfly Effect & Its Impact on A/E/C Firms

    Includes a Live Event on 02/12/2019 at 2:00 PM (EST)

    The future will be a terrifying place for the ill-prepared. For those who don’t take the time to scan their environments to make educated predictions about how new trends will impact them, a post-apocalyptic wasteland awaits. The Butterfly Effect posits that something as seemingly innocuous as a butterfly flapping its wings can directly impact the development of a major hurricane several weeks later. But in an industry of technical professionals, these early indicators of major disruptors are often ignored or go unnoticed. Firms often spend time reacting to present-day situations rather than addressing trends that severely impact the A/E/C industries in the long term. Through this webinar, participants will learn about such trends and be able to interpret future ones to obtain success.

  • Managing Up: Working Successfully With Any Type of Boss

    Includes a Live Event on 01/22/2019 at 2:00 PM (EST)

    This interactive webinar provides proven strategies and techniques to increase cooperation and collaboration between those who have different power levels, perspectives, and personalities. Learning to effectively manage up is good for you, good for your boss, and good for your organization.

  • Identifying Pursuits in the Public Sector

    While business development efforts can be critical to closing the deal, strategic market research from a marketing team is crucial in identifying opportunities before they’re ever discussed. Understanding how to identify, chase, and close public sector projects will diversify your firm and give you the leading edge during this unique and formal pursuit process.

  • Making Sure Your Entire Proposal Screams “Pick Me”

    It’s time to stop focusing on quantity over quality and focus on letting your main ideas shine through to strengthen your proposals. Presenter Jen McGovern, CPSM, will share best practices gained through preparing and reviewing hundreds of proposals for public and private clients worldwide. Participants will leave the webinar feeling prepared to tailor every section of their proposals, taking their next submittal to the next level.

  • Blogging for Thought Leadership: A Blueprint for A/E/C Firms

    Our webinar presenter, Tim Asimos, CPSM, vice president and director of digital innovation at circle S studio, will help you understand how to turn your firm’s blog into an influential platform and a destination for prospects and clients. You'll gain practical and actionable information and learn how to implement the right strategies and best practices for building a powerful and effective blogging program—one that will support your business development efforts and nurture client relationships.

  • Developing a Strategic Marketing Plan: A One-Page Magic Bullet

    Whether you’re just getting involved in the marketing planning process or you need some helpful tips to refresh your current strategy, this webinar is for you. Join us for an in-depth look into the strategic marketing planning process and how you can set your company up for success!

  • Developing Your Unique and Competitive Image

    This session is not about branding – a marketing term that makes most technical experts cringe. Instead, you will learn how to develop a competitive image as unique as the people who work there. (OK, so it’s a little about branding.)

  • Branding in the Age of Transformation: The New Brand Management Playbook

    At the dawn of digital, many had predicted “the end of branding as we know it”—and while the discipline of branding has changed dramatically in the past decade, having a strong, differentiated, and focused brand is more critical than ever before.

  • How to Present as a Team: Keys to Impressing Owners During a New Business Interview

    Owners consistently say that they want to hire the firm that is “the best team.” But how do you come across as a great team during a one-hour new business interview? This webinar will detail a few keys to ensuring that you come across as a strong team and not a bunch of people that seem like they’ve never worked together before.

  • All About Style: How to Create a Brand Manual and Writing Guidelines for Your Company

    Does a non-standard company logo drive you bananas? How about company emails with a notebook paper background? Better yet, who loves Comic Sans? Every professional services firm has a unique style, yet very few have approved Style Guides. This webinar will discuss and explore the components of a Style Guide.

  • Core Values as a Marketing Tool

    A/E/C firms love to talk about their culture to lure both clients and talent. Culture is the shared behaviors and beliefs of your firm. So, how do you share your culture with a prospective hire or client? Don’t they have to experience it?

  • Proposals (and Interviews) that Lose

    Nothing hurts more than spending too many hours on proposals and interviews that lose. Are you doing all of the “right things” with your proposal process to win new business but not seeing results? Do you even have a proposal process? This session explores the common mistakes that lead to proposals and interviews with no chance of winning new business.

  • Hiring and Retaining Great Marketing Talent

    Spoiler alert: it’s not about the money. Based on real-time data gathered from A/E/C firm leaders, HR professionals, and SMPS members, our presenter shows us what it takes to hire and retain the best talent to build your company brand, sustain a healthy hit rate, and set your firm apart. For marketing professionals, their day-to-day work has extreme highs and extreme lows; their efforts are the frontline with your clients and your other technical staff; and they’re a valuable piece of your precious overhead spend. Join us for this webinar as we focus on strategies to hire and retain best-fit marketers, while building efficiencies into your business operations model for sustained prosperity.

  • Start Fresh With Your SF330

    The SF in SF330 doesn’t have to stand for Supremely Frustrating! If you’ve pursued a federal A/E services contract as either a Prime or Subcontractor, you’ve seen the Standard Form 330 (SF330). Love it or hate it, mastering this form is key to winning work with important government clients. Are you afraid your submission will be non-compliant because you didn’t precisely follow directions? Do you feel stifled by having to use the strict format required? Are you concerned about providing conflicting details from one section to the next? Don’t worry, our January webinar will show you all the steps to master the SF330. Done right, you can enjoy the process of submitting a proposal to be proud of!

  • Creating a Marketing Plan That Drives Results

    Join our presenter Danielle Feroleto as she walks us through the marketing planning process and discusses the approaches that yield the best results.

  • Confessions of a Content Whisperer

    Marketers constantly juggle proposals, presentations, external marketing campaigns, and whatever else their team throws at them. However, in the A/E/C industries, marketers need our technical experts for input to get these tasks done. This extraction (sometimes referred to as pulling teeth) has easily become one of marketing’s toughest challenges. This session equips you with tools to get content from your technical team that will help complete proposals, project data sheets, blogs, case studies, papers, and other content marketing pieces.

  • Editing 201: I Ran Spellcheck, Now What?

    In Editing 101, we talked about the importance of editing, building a style guide, and setting up a quality-control process. For our October webinar, we’ll take your editing to the next level by focusing on rewriting and revising text. Using real-life examples from your proposals, reports, and marketing materials, we’ll employ editing best practices to make the content clearer and more cohesive and concise. But editing isn’t just about cutting and deleting—it’s also knowing when a conversation with your author is better than sending comments through tracked changes. To help, we’ll discuss conversation starters for thoughtfully and sensitively working with authors.

  • Get a Leg Up Before the RFP Hits

    Besides a mind-blowing approach to the project, relationships are a critical factor to increasing your chances of winning. This webinar will highlight the various stages a project goes through in the sales process and will show you how to grow your pipeline through the relationships you already have. The presenter will also spend some time going over a capture plan, which is a key component in one of the sales stages that’s critical to creating a winning strategy.

  • Changing the Referral Game – Leveraging Your Best Clients to Find New Ones

    You’ve done the hard part! You found a potential client, you earned their trust and their business, and you have or are delivering a spectacular project. You’ve asked for feedback, and the client has said emphatically: “Yes, I am very likely to recommend you to a friend or colleague!”