Live and On Demand Webinars

  • Develop Your Talent & Bottom Line: Subconscious Communications Skills

    This session will cover the importance of having a fluid communication platform among marketing, proposal, and business development staff. The reality is many firms have poor intercommunication and are misaligned. This discussion will use actual case studies to help communicate how firms can transform from a state of misalignment and information silos to where staff are better connected and sharing best practices. Ultimately, the session will rely upon the case study, audience participation, and discussion about formidable steps to build a strong capture and communication network. This overarching concept of an aligned capture and communication network between Marketing, Proposals, and Business Development staff will help signify the concept of the M/P/BD Triad of business success. Ideally, the audience will connect the pain points of sales misalignment and ineffective communication platforms while attaining new perspectives on how to become agents of change for capture and communication success.

  • Awards and Rewards: How To Gain Recognition For Your Clients, Company, and Staff

    Some of the most challenging, yet rewarding assignments include developing award-winning submittals for local, state, national, and international competitions. And just like marketing and business development, there’s a strategy behind the research and getting those submittals ready. By following a strong process based on research, firms can earn recognition for project work, company initiatives, and staff achievements.

  • Your Marketing Plan as Your Communications Foundation

    As marketers, we often feel like our efforts are constantly reactive. We’re handed RFQs and RFPs that we didn’t know were coming. We’re asked to post on social media just “to get our name out there.” And all of it seems random without any plan behind it. In this webinar, our presenter will give you the planning and measurement tools to maintain focus and keep your firm’s eye on the ultimate result. We take a different approach to building a realistic marketing plan by discussing seven key steps:  Discovery, Ideation, Goals, Strategy, Tactics, Analysis, and Refinement. By following these steps, you and your firm will become more proactive, be able to evaluate efforts, learn how to make improvements, and start to celebrate successes.

  • Get Your Firm Ready For Generation Z

    As your firm braces itself for the Z invasion, this webinar will help you prepare. It will cover aspects related to understanding, attracting, engaging, and retaining the next generation of employees and clients so your firm can continue to grow.

  • Defining Your Firm’s Value Path

    There are four distinct categories of value development: functional, operational, transformational, and inspirational. Most professional service firms already deliver functional value, but what does it take to deliver operational value, or even a value that can transform a client’s project? In this webinar, we’ll review each of these categories and discover how delivering value can move your firm into increased revenue.